Totem Seia

Seia Totem

Near Serra da Estrela, in the city of Seia, a monolithic and appealing Totem was installed for the first time.

The Seia Totem was developed with the aim of offering a vertical separation of its contents and hosting a large area of static information on its backplate.

  • Charging control unit with switchboard
  • Power supplies 48V (max.: 2)
  • Internal 230V socket
  • Ethernet connection
  • Information zones (customizable)
  • Modem 4G + Antenna (optional)
Weight ± 80 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 1700 x 715 x 375 cm
Deployment Anchor frame or Studs
Tags Totem

Forged grey finishing
(other customized colors on request)

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