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Name of theAgenda | AM2R – Mobilising Agenda for Business Innovation in the Two-Wheeler Sector

Description of the Agenda | The Mobilising Agenda for Business Innovation in the Two-Wheeler Sector aims to operationalise intervention in priority areas in the value chain that will make it possible to transform the national production profile and develop a new alignment of specialisation in the sector, allowing to leverage its competitive position in the international market, with a focus on independence from the Asian market, through the development and endogenisation of advanced knowledge around new products, processes and services, increasing and differentiating national productivity and boosting the dissemination of technological knowledge based on sustainability and digitalisation.
Thus, the Agenda’s main objective is to consolidate and expand the link between the business fabric and the scientific and technological system in order to increase the sector’s competitiveness and resilience based on research and technological development, innovation and diversification of the productive structure of products and services.

Starting date | 01-10-2021
Completion Date | 31-12-2025
Agenda’s Investment| 213 739 775, 68


Objectives, Activities and Expected/achieved Results

The Agenda aims to introduce product/process innovations in the two-wheeler industry, providing new solutions through investment in R&D and immediately promoting their economic valorisation through industrialisation. Thus, while the R&D projects aim to foster the transfer of knowledge between ENESII and companies, creating creative environments and gathering critical mass suitable for the development of disruptive solutions, the productive investment projects aim to train technology users in their production/implementation.

The Agenda’s R&D projects therefore start from a high TRL, comprising industrial research and experimental development activities aimed at raising the technological maturity of the various solutions. The new products, processes and services to be achieved have a high tradable profile, contributing to a significant increase in the sector’s exports and a reduction in imports, particularly from the Asian market.
The Agenda is also supported by a plan for the valorisation and promotion of results that includes, in addition to the market introduction of 55 products, processes and services, 116 technical-scientific publications and 193 technological dissemination/technical-scientific promotion actions.
The PPS, on the other hand, have high prospects of economic valorisation, due to their strong export potential and remarkable degree of scalability, both in the two-wheel sector and to other industries.
Also of note is the potential for internationalisation, which will provide a return and a multiplier effect on the investment made, forecasting an average export rate of the consortium companies of 73% in 2027 (without taking into account the effect of indirect exports).

The consortium members expect to achieve a turnover of 336 million euros in 2027, based exclusively on the Agenda’s products, which shows a significant multiplier effect compared to the amount to be invested (257 million euros). In 2027, the Agenda’s solutions will still be in the ramp-up phase, and this turnover is expected to grow significantly in subsequent years.


Beneficiary | Lightmobie, LDA
Investment | 4 852 699,34